Command Config is an addon for Blender 2.8 that allows quick configuration of keymaps related to transform gizmos, selection and supporting menus. The keymap options provided by this add-on are based on the opinions of the G+G Labs team.


This addon is available for free on Gumroad. Once downloaded, simply open up Blender and navigate to your user preferences. Select the “Addons” tab and then click “Install Addon from File”. When the file selection dialog pops up, select the .zip file you previously downloaded from Gumroad.


This add-on manages keymap bindings across multiple view modes instaneously and allows you to customize which custom bindings you want to use. You can access these settings from the preferences menu in Blender.

  • Use industry standard transform shortcuts remaps keys to match the industry standards of W , E , and R . This option will handle the remapping of that for you across all 3D viewport modes.
  • Swap E for rotation and R for scale swaps the E and R as an alternative to match some other 3D software.
  • Use S for changing selection mode changes the S key from scale tool (Blender’s default) to a selection tool.
  • Hold S while dragging mouse to open selection mode pie does exactly what the name implies, allowing for fast selection of the 4 different selection mode tools.
  • Default select tool allows you to change which selection mode tool will be selected when pressing the S key. The available options are the selection cursor, box, circle and lasso tool, provided by Blender, or you can choose to “cycle” the selected tool (just like Blender’s default binding for the W key).
  • Map alt + arrow Keys to relative selection operations allows you to quickly select more or less using ALT and ALT in most modes. Some modes, like the edit mesh mode, allow you to continue a selection pattern using ALT or reverse it using ALT .
  • Map mesh element menus to CTRL + (1, 2, 3) binds the Vertex, Edge and Face menus to the CTRL 1 , CTRL 2 , and CTRL 3 keys when in edit mesh mode. This more closely aligns with using the 1 , 2 , and 3 keys for mesh element selection, creating a more natural muscle memory mapping.
  • Use double click to select linked will select linked objects and elements when double clicking on an object or element. This is useful for quickly selecting islands of objects instead of having to resort to CTRL L .


Move Gizmo W
Scale Gizmo E
Rotation Gizmo R
Selection Tool S
Selection Tool Pie S
Select More ALT
Select Less ALT
Select Next ALT
Select Previous ALT
Vertex Menu CTRL 1
Edge Menu CTRL 2
Face Menu CTRL 3



  • Added Preferences Panel
  • Added bindings and configuration option for transform gizmos
  • Added bindings and configuration options for selections
  • Added bindings for the mesh element menus